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South Florida’s Artistic Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting Design/Build Firm Takes Expertise to New Jersey

Plantation, Fla. (July 25, 2006) – Light My Landscape, a Plantation, Fla.-based, low-voltage outdoor artistic illumination company, has been commissioned to travel to New Jersey to create a nighttime lighting masterpiece by a Princeton-area homeowner who was captivated by the company’s designs. The couple has seen the company’s local portraits on its Web site ( as well as the Web sites of the two leading manufacturers of low-voltage outdoor lighting equipment, Unique Lighting Systems and Cast Lighting Inc.

“While researching companies to illuminate our property, we were impressed by the portraits that were created by Light My Landscape,” according to Jennifer Cruz, from the Princeton, NJ-area. “Our house is more than an investment – it’s a part of us – so it was important to identify a company that would enhance our property, not just light it. I believe that Light My Landscape will create a breathtaking, personal design that will continually excite us.”

Light My Landscape, founded and owned by Bunny Frank of Plantation, brings to Florida the expertise of integrating light with the landscape and architecture of a home by harmonizing the interior with the exterior.

“I utilize light to evoke a mood that transforms colors and textures. I create exciting, finished works of art, each unique to its environment, expanding the structure beyond the physical,” explained Ms. Frank.

The team from Light My Landscape has completed five commissions in Plantation, including a recently created architectural and landscape outdoor lighting masterpiece at the home of former Miami Dolphin and now with the Kansas City Chiefs, Pro-bowler, Patrick Surtain and his family.

His wife, Michelle, stated, “We are completely blown away by the magnificent nighttime portrait that each evening allows us to see our home in a whole new light. The emotional impact it has had on us, our friends and neighbors is a testament to Ms. Frank’s talent.”

Other patrons have described the company’s work as “startling, stunning, inspiring and thrilling.”

About the Company

The team at Light My Landscape, a South Florida company founded by Bunny Frank in 2003, uses the intimacy of light to expand the visual nighttime property boundaries of residences and businesses. Bunny, an artist of the impressionist school, uses light as her paintbrush to create intimate portraits through a home’s landscape and architecture. Upon completion of her training, Bunny became a certified lighting designer and installer who uses the highest quality fixtures and other equipment available. To learn more, please visit the Web site at


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