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By Joanne Blake

Imagine making the outside of your home into a magnificent dreamscape that allows you to say “WOW!” each evening as you return home or turns heads and makes your neighbors drive by just to take in the beauty of it! Bunny Frank, owner of Plantation- based Light My Landscape, Inc., does exactly that for her patrons. She’s an exterior lighting designer, consultant, decorator and installer who creates one-of-a-kind low voltage nighttime lighting portraits.

A designer, painter, sculptress, Bunny says she started Light My Landscape, Inc. four years ago because she saw a need to help patrons harmonize their exterior with the interior. Since then, she’s attracted clients in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, and even as far away as New Jersey, when a Princeton-area homeowner was captivated by the photos she saw on her Web site and asked her to travel to New Jersey to design and install lighting for her property.

Bunny is also very proud of the work she completed recently at the Plantation home of former Miami Dolphin, Patrick Surtain, who now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. His wife Michelle said, "Pat and I want to share with you how thrilled we are! We are completely blown away by the magnificent nighttime portrait that each evening allows us to see our home in a whole new light. The emotional impact it has had on us, our friends and neighbors is a testament to Ms. Frank’s talent."

Bunny is an artist who uses light as her paintbrush. She likens her designs to the work of impressionist artists like Claude Monet: "light is what makes a Monet painting glow," she says. Her passion is evident. "The property is my canvas, and I paint it with light. I create exciting, finished works of art, each unique to its environment," she says. "I use light to create moods, from elegant and romantic to safe and secure.”

Bunny Frank invests time with new patrons walking their property and learning what they would like to highlight. She designs her lighting to work with the architecture to show off her patron’s home to its’ best advantage.

She explains that there is more to the artistry of light than the average onlooker sees as the finished product. There’s a lot of technical know-how involved in installing the correct fixture and lamp to achieve the desired effect. She’s trained and certified by the leading manufacturers of low-voltage outdoor lighting equipment, Unique Lighting Systems, Inc. and Cast Lighting, Inc. She uses state-of-the-art computerized technology and an atomic time clock (no more adjusting for daylight savings or sunset) to coordinate the operation of her fixtures and transformers. All of her products are warranted, her work meets national electrical code (NEC), and she provides an ongoing maintenance program. She likes to say, like fine women and fine automobiles, lights need to be maintained!

Bunny’s’ spare time is devoted to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) in Boca Raton, FL. Its’ symptoms are so subtle; it’s called the disease that whispers…so listen!

To find out more about how creative low voltage architectural and landscape lighting can enhance your home’s exterior, and to view photos of Bunny’s masterpieces, visit her Web site: or contact her at 954-732-7623. And remember, We’re Unique…We Perform Nightly!

6 April 2007
Our City Weston

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